Insight Series – Intro. to Bordeaux

Bordeaux famously produces world-class wines with excellent ageing potential, but what is the real essence of Bordeaux and why are the wines so good?  Join us in this introduction to Bordeaux course with Oslo Wine School which will give you a solid overview of the region and introduce you to the range of white wines and red wines of the region. During this 2-hour course, we will taste wines from various appellations in which promises to be an insightful and educational tasting for anyone interested in understanding Bordeaux.

Pichon Longueville, Bordeaux

Welcome to Oslo Wine School Insight Series

Our Insight Series are short wine courses designed to give you a quick overview of classic wine regions and wine styles.  These courses are perfect for anyone who due to their work, is frequently travelling and/or entertaining clients, and need to feel confident with choosing classic wine styles in restaurants.  We have 2 different levels of courses: Introduction courses and in-depth courses to choose between.

Introduction courses: These are perfect for anyone relatively new to the world of wine, but who wants to learn quickly about a classic region, how to recognise quality wines and how to taste for quality.

In-depth courses: These courses are perfect for wine lovers who have some formal knowledge about wine (for example have taken a WSET wine course, or have several years of experience with wine tastings.  This course will help solidify your wine knowledge of a classic region, improve your wine-tasting technique and recognition of wine quality and wine styles.

Course: Insight Series: Intro to Bordeaux
Date onsdag 26 april
Time kl. 17:00 – 19:00 (dører åpner 16:45)
Place Lille Grensen 7 (Palmer), 0159, Oslo
  • 1500 kr. 
  • Oslo Wine School students 1300 kr. with discount code. 
 Course Tutor Jane Nisbet Huseby fra Oslo Wine School 

Insight Series: Introduction to Bordeaux

  • Gain a solid overview of why Bordeaux is so important in the world of wine
  • Learn about the different terroirs and communes of Bordeaux and why this matters
  • learn about the quality hierarchy of Bordeaux and what to look for on the labels
  • Learn the essentials of tasting to be able to identify the quality of a wine
  • Includes a tasting of 8 – 10 wines of a range of red and white Bordeaux wines in different price classes
  • Small classes guaranteed – giving you lots of opportunities to ask questions
  • A light serving of some bread and cheese is included in the price
Jane Nisbet Huseby, Owner Oslo Wine Schoo, WSET Approved Wine Educator and Master of Wine student

Jane Nisbet Huseby, Owner Oslo Wine Schoo, WSET Approved Wine Educator and Master of Wine student


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