WSET Policy 4_Data Protection


Oslo Wine School takes its responsibility with regard to Data protection and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) very seriously. Oslo Wine School obtains, uses, stores and otherwise processes personal data related to potential students and staff, current students and staff as well as former students, contractors, website users and contacts, collectively referred to in this policy as data subjects.   When processing personal data, Oslo Wine School is obliged to fulfil individual´s reasonable expectations of privacy by complying with GDPR and other relevant data protection legislation and laws.

This policy therefore seeks to ensure that we are clear about how personal data must be processed, that Oslo Wine School complies with the data protection laws and with good practice, and that both the company and data subjects are protected as much as possible from risks of personal data breaches.


This policy applies to all personal data we process on behalf of Oslo Wine School and WSET Awards regardless of where that personal data is stored (e.g. on company or employee´s devices) and regardless of the data subject.  All staff and others processing personal data on behalf of Oslo Wine School are obliged to read this policy and adhere to it entirely.  All students are invited to read this policy to ensure they understand how their data will be managed.

Data refers to the information held about an individual that may be processed by Oslo Wine School and forwarded to WSET Awards in order for it to carry out its function as an awarding organisation. Data may include certain categories of sensitive data such as individual racial or ethnic origin, physical or mental health condition which is required by the Regulator of WSET Awards in connection with the delivery of WSET Awards

Personal data protection principles:

  1. Data will be processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner.
  2. Data is collected only for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes for the correct management, processing and running of WSET wine courses, other wine courses and events.
  3. WSET Awards requires the collection and processing of personal data including the candidate´s name(s), date of birth, gender and email for the purposes and awarding of WSET qualifications and collecting feedback from candidates.  In some cases, additional information (including sensitive personal data related to health) will be collected to support requests for Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations during assessments and examinations.  Personal data required by and processed by WSET Awards will only be collected in the context of examination registrations, certification claims, issuing examination results and providing post-results services. As required, on occasions, some personal information may be transferred to third parties such as examiners outside the European Economic Area.
  4. Data collected by Oslo Wine School and transferred to WSET Awards will not be shared or disclosed to any third parties.  Data cannot be disclosed to anyone outside of Oslo Wine School and WSET Awards without prior written consent of the individual
  5. All records are kept up-to-date and accurate as possible, and Oslo Wine School relies on individuals to communicate any changes so that records can be updated and sent to WSET Awards
  6. Emails for multiple recipients will be sent as blind-copied to avoid sharing of emails amongst a larger group.

Data Subject´s Rights

Data subjects have the rights to access the personal data we hold, withdraw consent of processing data and prevent our use of the personal data for direct marketing purposes at any time.  Additionally, data subjects can object to our processing of personal data in limited circumstances, or ask us to erase personal data in situations where data collection is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was collected, the data is incorrect or incomplete, to prevent processing that is likely to cause damage or distress to the data subject or anyone else, or may result in a high risk to their rights and freedoms.

Requests for information about any data held on a data subject or any further enquiries about our Data Protection policy can be sent to with the heading “Data Protection”.  Email requests will be acknowledged within 3 working days and a full answer will be sent within 10 working days.

Data Security Arrangements

Oslo Wine School and WSET Awards ensures that appropriate measures are in place to protect data systems securely.  In the event of an unauthorised use of data or data loss, the individual will be notified and a recovery plan implemented.  In addition, we will review our operating procedures and risk assessments to further tighten security if necessary.

Further information on the Data Security Policy of WSET Awards can be obtained on request.

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