WSET Policy 3_Conflict of Interest


The purpose of this policy is to help Oslo Wine School staff members to effectively identify, disclose and manage any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest in order to protect the integrity of Oslo Wine School and WSET Awards as a provider of WSET courses and manage risks


Oslo Wine School aims to ensure that all staff members incl. part-time and contracted members are aware of their obligations to disclose any conflicts of interest that they may have, and to comply with this policy to ensure that they effectively manage those conflicts of interest as representatives of Oslo Wine School.


This policy applies to all members of staff incl. part-time and casual contracted staff members and any other employees, or voluntary workers involved in any business or course activities of Oslo Wine School.

Definition of conflict of interests:

A conflict of interest occurs when a person´s personal interests conflict with their responsibility to act in the best interest of Oslo Wine School or WSET Awards. Personal interests include direct interest of family, friends, other organisations that they may be involved in or have an interest in (for example, as a shareholder) and other duties or work for other companies or organisations. A conflict of interest may be actual, potential or perceived and may be financial or non-financial, and could adversely influence a person´s judgement, objectivity or loyalty to act in the best interest of WSET Awards and Oslo Wine School when conducting activities associated with the WSET qualifications and must be managed accordingly


Oslo Wine School will manage conflicts of interest by requiring all members of staff to:

  • Avoid conflicts of interest where possible
  • Identify and disclose any conflicts of interest
  • Carefully manage any conflicts of interest, follow this policy and respond to any breaches

Examples of conflicts of interest:

  • The undertaking of any assessment or moderation of assessment of candidates by an individual who has a personal interest in the results of the assessment for any or all of the individual candidates concerned
  • The tutoring of candidates by an individual involved in the assessment process (examinations)
  • The undertaking of a WSET qualification by an individual employee by an APP
  • The invigilation of a WSET assessment by an individual involved in the delivery of training leading to the assessment
  • The coaching of candidates by an individual involved in the assessment of candidate scripts or the authoring of examination questions
  • The employment of an individual engaged in the delivery of taught programmes or in the role of Internal Assessor in another APP.

Action required for management of conflicts of interest

  1. Whilst some conflicts of interest can be avoided or managed locally and are therefore acceptable, others such as an individual responsible for authoring examination questions also being involved in teaching or coaching students must be avoided at all costs.
  2. Any individual involved with the delivery of WSET qualifications who becomes aware of a Conflict of Interest must notify the management team immediately by sending an email to Jane Nisbet Huseby, General Manager, Wine Source AS
  3. A Conflicts of Interest declaration form will then be sent immediately to Centres Co-ordination and Quality Assurance Manager (CCQAM) and is recorded by WSET Awards on the Conflicts of Interest Register. Any resulting recommendations by WSET Awards will be implemented immediately to avoid or manage any future conflicts of interests
  4. Note: failure to declare a Conflict of Interest may be in breach of the terms of approval and sanctions may be applied in accordance to WSET Awards Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.

Compliance with this policy

On an on-going basis, all staff involved with the delivery of WSET courses are responsible for

  • the identification, disclosure and management of conflicts of interest
  • monitoring compliance with this policy

Oslo Wine School is committed to reviewing this policy with staff on an annual basis to ensure that the policy is operating effectively.

Any staff members who fails to disclose any conflicts of interest, will be subject to disciplinary action which may include termination of any contractual or employment agreements

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